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Saigon, My Home Away From Home

Saigon, My Home Away From Home

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Risograph Print
8" x 8" 

From the Artist:

Ever since I was a child, I have travelled back and forth visiting my extended family in Vietnam. It was the only place my family constantly came back to until the year we all had to quarantine. I haven't been back since 2019 and have been itching to go back. I drew all the things that I've missed so much about being in Saigon - my second home. At my Lao Yi's house, I can always find myself drinking nước mía, squatting mosquitos while also being covered in mosquito bites, enjoying the mangosteens Lao Yi bought, smelling cigarette smoke from all the uncles downstairs, eating pho from restaurant next door, getting GRAB (Saigon's form of Uber that offered food delivery and taxi/moped services), hearing the sweet sounds of motorcycle engines and their constant honking.

My piece was made in a risograph medium. While printing, I made it a point to misregister the layers to reflects how I've been feeling about not being able to go back to Vietnam for so long. My life feels misaligned since I haven't been able to go back to my second home much like my risograph registration.

IG: @caoculator

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