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Kain Na

Kain Na

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Fabric and Felted Wool
12" x 12" 

From the Artist:

I grew up as the baby in my house— spoiled, and never pushed to learn our native tongue. I was told “We live in America, so you only need to know English,” and thus doomed to never understand the Tagalog words my parents spoke to each other.

Though I may lack the ability to fully comprehend our language, the meaning of one comforting phrase is not lost on me. My grandma said it to us rowdy kids having too much fun hiding under our grandpa’s pool table to stop and nourish ourselves. My mom says it at family gatherings because the pancit is fresh and those long noodles will grant you a long life. I say it now when I get to break bread with my most cherished people in my life.

Kain Na— “let’s eat.”
Kain Na— “I made your favorite foods.”
Kain Na— “I love you.”

IG: @thegomibaka

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