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One Hot Minute - Saturday, March 26
One Hot Minute - Saturday, March 26
One Hot Minute - Saturday, March 26
One Hot Minute - Saturday, March 26

One Hot Minute - Saturday, March 26

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Pre-orders are now open for a Saturday Tea Time with One Hot Minute! We're ending the March Sandwich Club with delicious plant-based sandwiches for Saturday Tea Time! We bet you've never had a vegan sandwich this tasty...

One Hot Minute started popping up all around Los Angeles in 2021, slinging delicious plant-based sandwiches. Created by partners Cesar and Sarina who, through their love of food, aim to make a positive impact environmentally and locally in their community. Inspired by their Peruvian and Chinese heritages respectively, OHM has led them on a path to create a blend of flavors that are unlike any other!

While not vegans themselves, their mission is to educate people about the environmental impact caused by meat consumption. They believe that education & tasty non-meat foods can help shift consumers’ mindsets and the actions they take when looking for their next meal. They also believe in empowering youth with opportunities to earn a living wage in a safe work environment, giving them a sense of ownership and belonging. It's what they embody when they're out at their regular spots in Echo Park & Winnetka, frying up their tasty Tacu Tacu patties!

We're so excited to bring a special tea time set featuring One Hot Minute's famous plant-based sandwich, taro chips, and dessert to finish! Trust us, you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy this meal. 

Please note: Takeout is NOT available for Saturday Tea Time experiences.

This special tea + food set serves two people and includes the following:
  • [2] Full Sandwiches
    Tacu tacu patty (canary beans & cauliflower rice) dipped in szechuan spice (mild - no szechuan spice, medium, or hot), lettuce, sweet potato, limed onions, house-made bun, OHM sauce
  • Side of Taro chips
    House-made savory taro chips with OHM sauce
  • [2] Milk Tea Alfajores
    House-made butter cookies sandwiched with a layer of milk tea dulce de leche

Each set also includes your choice of (1) pot of Hot or Cold Brewed teas to pair with your food set.

Teas to choose from:

  • Creamsicle Jasmine Oolong Tea
    Oolong & Green tea blend paired with fruit & infused with creamy orange 
  • Strawberry Green Tea
    A unique blend of strawberries and hints of papaya in green tea
  • Peach Rooibos
    Sweet peach accentuates the natural flavor profile of rooibos
  • Cucumber Watermelon Green Tea
    A refreshing blend of dried cucumber and hints of melon in green tea

Once your order is confirmed, you'll get an email with further instructions prior to Saturday.

All sets are available for consumption on site only.

If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please let us know 48 hours in advance of your reservation. If you do not notify us within 48 hours of your reservation, we will not be able to refund your order as all sets are prepared in advance. Thank you for your understanding!

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Nitschky
Chunky + OHM Hot Vegan Mashup

Adventurous Chunky Paper continues to astonish with their innovative curated collaborations that introduce their tea subscribers to exciting young chefs and entrepreneurs. The talented young couple who comprise One Hot Minute presented a tea set consisting of their signature spicy Peruvian-Chinese vegan tacu tacu sandwiches with a side of taro chips and two beautiful and scrumptious little alfajor dulce de leche cookies. As someone who is not vegan and who has resisted trying anything marketed as beyond meat, I found OHM's sandwiches to be mind-opening. They are better tasting and more flavorful than any burger or chicken sandwich from any fast food place out there, thanks to OHM's creative use of spices and their savory sauce that is simultaneously sweet and hot. The sandwich was also garnished with a surprising and tasty slice of sweet potato. I can only describe OHM's sauce as killer - I want to put it on everything. I definitely plan to seek out OHM's pop-ups in future for more tasty vegan sandwiches. Thanks to Chunky for another tea set that was a feast for both eyes and tastebuds. The service was attentive, the proprietors and staff were so kind, and I love their heart for culture and the community.