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Vegan Banh Mi Thao - Saturday, August 20th
Vegan Banh Mi Thao - Saturday, August 20th
Vegan Banh Mi Thao - Saturday, August 20th
Vegan Banh Mi Thao - Saturday, August 20th

Vegan Banh Mi Thao - Saturday, August 20th

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Pre-orders are now open for the last Saturday Tea Time of the year-- filled with vegan Vietnamese deli-cacies by Vegan Banh mi Thao

Each reservation time serves two guests!
Dine-in only.

Tiffany is head honcho & founder at Vegan Banh mi Thao, a sandwich shop serving delicious vegan recipes inspired by her Vietnamese upbringing! Known to her family as Thảo-my, her obsession with bánh mì started early on. Her all-vegan menu utilizes classic flavors inspired by her favorites growing up. 

You'll find VBMT popping up all over Los Angeles and Orange County, spreading love for banh mis in delicious vegan fashion! Everything VBMT does is thoughtfully house-made. If you've been picking up bbq pork banh mis your entire life, this might change your banh mi ideals & have you chasing VBMT from pop up to pop up.

Included in this special set are sandwiches & treats that shine a new light on vegan Vietnamese cuisine.

Pre-order your set now!

Please note: Takeout is NOT available for Saturday Tea Time experiences.

This special tea + food set serves two people per reservation and includes the following:
  • Banh Mi Xa Xiu
    oyster mushrooms marinated in char siu sauce then baked and seared (contains soy, wheat)
  • Banh Mi Bo Vien
    white beans and walnuts blended with basil, onions, and garlic then baked with hoisin sauce
    *all banh mis include: cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, veganaise (contains soy), walnut pate
  • Eggrolls (2) w/ Phish Sauce
    carrots, jamaica, taro, tofu mushrooms, glass noodles and onions rolled in a wrapper and fried. served with in house phish sauce (contains soy & wheat)
  • Matcha-cado
    avocado mashed with crushed ice drizzled with coconut condensed milk and agave topped with matcha powder 

Teas to choose from:

  • Creamsicle Jasmine Oolong Tea
    Oolong & Green tea blend paired with fruit & infused with creamy orange 
  • Strawberry Green Tea
    A unique blend of strawberries and hints of papaya in green tea
  • Peach Rooibos
    Sweet peach accentuates the natural flavor profile of rooibos
  • Mango Sticky Rice Green Milk Tea
    blend of pineapples, coconut powder, and mallow petals in green tea


Once your order is confirmed, you'll get an email on Friday, the day before the event, with further instructions.

All sets are available for consumption on site only.

If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please let us know 48 hours in advance of your reservation. If you do not notify us within 48 hours of your reservation, we will not be able to refund your order as all sets are prepared in advance. Thank you for your understanding!

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